Welcome to the Cantina….

Greetings, salutations, and welcome to The Cantina Crowd blog!

Here in these dingy confines we have gathered geeks, nerds, and slightly obsessive mentalists from far and wide to present to you (in their own inimitable styles) their take on the world of all that is geeky. News, reviews, random rants about obscure continuity errors, erotic Jawa fantasies, and probably more than a few disturbing insights into the minds of this less-than-salubrious establishments inhabitants abound here (or at least they will over time).

In essence (and with less florid and unnecessary prose) this is a geek lifestyle blog. We’re not here to tell you how to be a geek, or how to live your life, just to offer our insights on the things that interest us (and probably you since you’re here, reading this). Everything from comics to gaming, from cosplay to films will be covered here by someone as the mood takes them. It’ll probably follow no order, and most of the articles will probably never change your life, but we hope they’ll be entertaining, perhaps enlightening, and hopefully interesting enough that you’ll want to come back and read some more!

So, re-set your flux capacitor, power-up your Astromech, and strap on your Proton Accelerator – ‘cause Geeks are cool, and we’re taking over the world.

About Rooney

I'm a struggling writer/musician/producer with an over active imagination and penchant for living beyond my means! I have a love of Sci-Fi, loud music, reading, cosplay, and tattoos. View all posts by Rooney

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