Total Films 50 Greatest Sci-Fi Movies!

Total Film has released it’s list of 50 Greatest Sci-Fi Movies as voted by the viewers. I thought it might interest anyone who hadn’t seen it to check it out here.

I was pleased to see Blade Runner come in at number one which was followed by The Empire Strikes back at  number two. Whether I’d of put them in that way round I’m not sure, it’s a toughy. I am glad that E.T wasn’t forgotten either and was voted in at number six. The top ten are really amazing films and it’s a good mix of older classics and new with Inception.

Anyway take a look!

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One response to “Total Films 50 Greatest Sci-Fi Movies!

  • Rooney

    I think I actually voted in this. Or it might have been Empire’s. It was one of ’em! And whichever one it was, they had the same top two, although I can’t remember which way ’round they were.

    Just goes to show that Harrison Ford (as much as he hates them) makes a good sci-fi flick!

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