True Blood – the new season…


So, the new season has started…

I thought I’d give out my initial impressions of the first couple of episodes, and my ideas on where I thin kthe season my go; I suspect I’ll get the latter wrong though!

So, Episode 1 – She’s Not There:
I find myself divided on this episode. There are some new bonkers bits, which bode well, but the whole opening section with the fairies looks like an alien planet sequence from Star Trek:TOS. All a touch cheesy, but at least it came from left field and may open up all sorts of crazy possibilities; one thing though: Sookie appears to have this encounter and then hasn’t really brought it up again since in the 2 episodes, even though it raises loads of questions about both herself and her family!

There are also a number of elements that seem irritating, such as Tara’s sudden lesbianism and Sheriff Andy Bellefleurs ongoing V addiction.   The cynic in me thinks the sudden lesbianism has been put in there for more gratuitous reasons than for decent character development reasons.  We’ll have to see how they spin those into the plot, but they also seem almost like ‘things for characters to do while the main plot continues’.

Generally, this episode seemed like a lot of setting up for the season ahead and spent most the time spinning up new plates, without a lot of great action.

Episode 2 – You Smell Like Dinner:
One thing this episode had going for it was the increased amount of Deborah Ann Woll; you can’t go wrong there!  🙂

At the start I thought the witches could get irritating, but the ending gave them some power, so may not be as much of a damp squib as they initially seemed they would be and may yet serve as a good counterbalance to the AVL in the, no doubt, brewing battle ahead.  Certainly Eric’s situation at the end of the episode shows some intriguing possibilities.

B Story sections continued, with Jason’s panther nonsense and Sam’s communing with nature, but these serve little purpose at the moment – Let’s hope they come into play later!

Another building episode really, so the main thrust of the season has yet to start…

Overall, it’s a bit early to tell whether this season will be great or frustrating.  There are enough elements in play though that would allow it to go bonkers, which is what would be best! 🙂

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