Nerdy shopping and secret geeks

As people, we all get obsessed with things, much like anyone who has something they find intensely interesting.  Stamp collectors, football fans, trainspotters, pigeon fanciers etc.. are all essentially of the same type of mindset, where the minutiae and associated knowledge with that subject is of interest.

As nerdy/geeky types however, we sometimes get labelled as slightly odd because the subject of interest is unusual, so in certain circumstances, we keep our nerdy/geeky side quiet.  This even extends to what we ask for as birthday or Christmas gifts etc.., when clearly people would want to get us something we really like.   Why should we keep it quiet though?  If a football fan can proudly wear the away strip of their favourite club, why can’t the geek proudly wear the BSG replica jacket they just bought?  or the full Stormtrooper suit? (Even if they’re likely to get their girlfriend to dress as a Jawa and there will be roleplaying… 😉 )

Keeping your nerdiness private is all fine to a certain degree, but what happens when the fear of ridicule stops people admitting their love of Blakes 7, Stingray, or even the pish that is Twilight, whereas they would easily admit liking something like JLS or Eastenders?  Why is one more acceptable than the other?

I think if  more people admitted they like odd things, then discussion of the subject and peoples lives would be greatly enriched.  Just today I saw a link to a picture of Sergio Aragones and had a brief, but enjoyable conversation about the ‘Groo the Wanderer’ comics with someone I didn’t know.  Like minded people enjoying some discourse! 🙂

So, next time you wonder whether you want to buy that Mission: Impossible figurine of Barbara Bain, go ahead!  enjoy yourself!

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