Daily Archives: 14/07/2011

The more I watch, the more awesome it looks…

… and the more devastating it is that I’ll never get to play it.

Basically, a chap called Arthur Nishimoto studying at the¬†Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago has designed a touch-screen fleet combat game Fleet Commander, featuring ships, sound effects, and music from Star Wars for their next gen touch-screen interface – something called TacTile (basically a video wall that’s a touch screen computermabob). However it’s never going to be released, since it’s a student project and not for retail (which is also how comes Lucasfilm haven’t unleashed the Death Star Lawyers on them.

Seriously, watch the video. And don’t be ashamed to cry a little when you realise you’ll never get your hands on it (unless you happen to go to/work at University of Illinois at Chicago – which is a stupid name for a uni, by the way).

I cried. In fact, I think I’ll watch it again, and cry some more.

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