Daily Archives: 05/08/2011

Level up! Lev…level up!

When 50 Cent released his song ‘Like A G6’ my initial reaction was ‘What the hell is a G6?’ followed by ‘What the hell is this terrible song?’ and then followed by ‘Nothing good can come of this song.’ but on that note I was wrong because one of the best music parodys came from it in the form of ‘Roll A D6’ by Far East Movement.

The lyrics for D6 are incredible especcially compared to G6, heres a little comparison.

‘She aint drunk, she acting like she drunk
so I can do what I want
I’m touching her where I want
from behind and up front
she’s a freak I’m a freak
funny how we just meet
right here out on the floor
give me more, give me more’

Come on 50 Cent, you make money doing this! I could write lyrics like that.
Instead of sharing just the lyrics I was do one better and share the video, it’s my favourite Youtube video at the moment, it’s incredible.

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