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My Type 40 Tardis

This is my first attempt at a post, so please be gentle, even if you think it’s pants!!!

The creator asked me to post a photograph of my Tardis which currently sits in my back garden. It’s based on the Type 40 Mark 1 Time Capsule as used by the Doctor, who borrowed it on a permenant basis from his home world of Gallifrey…. You don’t need me to tell you that as you already know!!

It resembles a 1963 Police Box which were situated practically on every street corner of London. I currently use mine for storage, you know things like my car, my motorcycle and various gardening furnature because its bigger on the inside!!!

If you like this post I will happily do another going into more detail on the said Time Machine and other’s like it from Doctor Who. I await the feedback!!

Many Thanks

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