My Type 40 Tardis

This is my first attempt at a post, so please be gentle, even if you think it’s pants!!!

The creator asked me to post a photograph of my Tardis which currently sits in my back garden. It’s based on the Type 40 Mark 1 Time Capsule as used by the Doctor, who borrowed it on a permenant basis from his home world of Gallifrey…. You don’t need me to tell you that as you already know!!

It resembles a 1963 Police Box which were situated practically on every street corner of London. I currently use mine for storage, you know things like my car, my motorcycle and various gardening furnature because its bigger on the inside!!!

If you like this post I will happily do another going into more detail on the said Time Machine and other’s like it from Doctor Who. I await the feedback!!

Many Thanks

About badwolf187

A London based copper & all round Sci-Fi geek with a particular passion for Doctor Who. I also love motorcycling & movies. Favourite tv shows include the late greats like Life on Mars & Ashes to Ashes, NCIS, Burn Notice & really anything fantasy/Sci-Fi based. Two favourite saying: 'Im definitely a madman with a box' & 'You don't need a degree in applied bollocks to work that out!' View all posts by badwolf187

3 responses to “My Type 40 Tardis

  • badwolf456

    OK, more pics of the inside “bigger” bit please?

  • slackwagon

    Would like to know more about it’s construction and how long it took etc.. 🙂

    • badwolf187

      I would love to say I constructed it myself but it would be a lie. It was a prop from a stage show in south London of Doctor Who. I have a picture of it in situe. It’s an MDF and timber construction with a ply wood roof. It is extremely heavy it took six of us to get it over the fence into the garden. The roof needs some repair now as three winters haven’t been kind to it.

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