Idle thoughts about casting…

For no reason whatsoever, occasionally thoughts will enter your head about TV shows and their casts…


Charlyne Yi as Dr park has been excellent. Her character, a neurotic mess, seems the perfect puppet for House’s games, but has transcended that simple role.

Terra Nova:

Stephen Lang, who plays Commander Taylor does a very good job. However, he was clearly born to be Captain Birdseye! Just me?


All change at the top? After William L. Peterson (Grissom) left and was replaced by Laurence Fishburne, who in turn was replaced by Ted Danson, it now seems Marg Helgenberger is off too… I can’t say I’m sorry to see the back of her nasty, bitter character, so could well be a boost. Elisabeth Shue is set to be the replacement. Now all they need do is get Liz Vassey back, so we can have the Langham/Vassey double act again…

Hart of Dixie:

Rachel Bilson as a surgeon? I don’t think so… Ridiculously unconvincing. So much so that I suspect that I could convince you I was an Ice Dancer before you’d allow her to operate on you. Actually, you’d probably let Charlie Chuck operate on you before her.

2 Broke Girls:

Kat Dennings has been in some good things and been ok. This is bad. She deserves better. I guess really, bringing this one up was just a chance to say how poor I think this show is and how much it irks me that it’s a hit.

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