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Could this be the Games Workshop film we’ve been waiting for?

That, for those of you unaware of this project, is the trailer for the fan-made Warhammer 40,000 film The Lord Inquisitor. Not only does it look fething epic, it also has (semi)official backing from Games Workshop themselves. GW have notoriously fickle and complicated IP copyrights, and trying to get a deal with them to do anything is nigh-on impossible (as the makers of the German fan film Exterminatus discovered a few years ago). However, the Lord Inquisitor seems to be succeeding where others have failed. Posting on the project’s website Erasmus wrote;

“So GW really¬† wants to see this project finished and they want me to have a kind of license that allows me to make non commercial Warhammer 40.000 movies.¬† I mean, how cool is that?:)”

It seems that far from sending in the lawyers to shut the project down, GW actually wants to see the film get made, and is making efforts to see that from a legal standpoint, it can happen. At the moment it’s all just a promise from GW whilst they investigate the legalities and their own convoluted IP processes, but the fans seem optimistic, and with good reason.

If this film makes the long run to completion, it could finally be the film that fans of the Warhammer 40,000 franchise (or 40K as it’s called by players) have been longing for. Judging by the quality of what’s been released so far, it’s on par with any major cinematic release, it’s being made by real fans with a passion for the lore and the universe it’s dealing with (neither of which could be said for the failed Bloodquest attempt), and it looks to have a far more compelling story than the lacklustre Ultramarines film released in 2010 – a film which was backed, supported, and promoted by GW, and written by one of their big-name authors, Mr. Dan Abnett.

I for one have my fingers firmly crossed that this film makes it, and will be slaughtering heretics in the Emperors name to ease it’s transition from Youtube trailer to feature-film reality (Legal note: I won’t really be slaughtering anyone. It’s just Hyperbole).

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