New GoW novel coverart!

Being the Gears of War fanboy that I am, I couldn’t resist sharing this with you all!

Click on the image to see the full-size version.

It is of course the cover art for the upcoming Gears of War novel “The Slab”, which is set before the first Gears of War game and see’s Marcus Fenix incarcerated in Sera’s most dangerous prison, the titular Slab. It follows the story of Marcus learning to survive amongst the most dangerous degenerates of to CoG whilst grieving for a father everyone assumes dead, his father Adam Fenix dealing with not being dead and instead being held on a secret island developing weapons for Chairman Prescott, and Marcus’ friends Anya Stroud and Dom Satiago trying to get Marcus a legal release from the dangerous maximum security prison.

This book looks awesome. Not only do we find out exactly how Marcus ends up in the Slab, but we also get to find out exactly what happened to his old man – sure we got the general gist of what took place from GoW3, but this will flesh it out properly. And if Karen Traviss’ previous works are anything to go by, it will do spectacularly.

It’s due for release May 8th, and can be pre-ordered all over the place. Check out the Epic Games site here for a little more detail and the blurb.

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