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Voting for your favourite starships!

Ok, since my Facebook was getting overwhelmed with ship suggestions, here’s a vote. Three votes each, and the top five will make it into the list!

And if you feel there’s a ship missing that desperately needs to be included, let us know!

Note: The top three ships which don’t seem to be appearing unless you highlight them are the USS Sulaco (Aliens), The SDF-1 (Robotech/Macross), and Imperial Star Destroyer (Star Wars

Coolest Starships….

Since most of the things I’ve been watching/reading lately (Martian Successor Nadesico, The Ultramarines Omnibus, Star Wars) have some pretty nifty starships in them, I’m in a bit a space naval mood, so I’ve decided to try and narrow down a list of ten of the coolest starships/spaceships ever. However, since I don’t want it to be just a list of ships that I think are cool, I’m asking everyone else to make suggestions too – contributors and writers alike!

So, let us know which ships you think are the coolest, and if possible give us some reasons (since I don’t know about every cool ship ever created!). They can be from any media, any genre, and any time period – the only proviso is they must be in space! So no aeroplanes or blimps unless you can prove they’ve been out into the great beyond….

Shelf Life – A Superhero web series!

Do you like Superheroes?  Do you like toys?  Do you like the idea of a swearier, more adult Toy Story?


Well, you might like ‘Shelf Life’!

The basic premise is that of four action figures stuck on a shelf, who, in Toy Story fashion, can only move about when the child who owns them leaves the room; at all other times they have to hold the pose he’d put them in. Sounds a lot like Toy Story so far, but in this case, it is a lot more irreverent, contains more geeky references and has a more comic feel.

Conceived by Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal, two well known voice over actors (too many Anime and Video games to mention!), and produced by their own Monkey Kingdom Productions, it has a distinctly fan based aesthetic to it that rings true, much like ‘The Guild’, or ‘Legend of Neil’.

Definitely worthy of your time! 🙂

My Drunk Kitchen…

I’m not sure how I stumbled across ‘My Drunk Kitchen’ a few months back, but it is one of those things that is instantly likeable and draws you in.

Hosted by Hannah Hart, the idea is remarkably simple…. Hannah gets drunk and then attempts to do some cooking, with mixed results.  For those of you old enough to remember it, it might well be comparable to an alcohol related version of ‘Get Stuffed’, but without the 90s wackiness… oh, and funny.

While, in principle, the idea should be quite dull, I find Hannah to be very engaging and just ridiculously likeable, so can overlook the essential pointlessness of the concept.  Each episode quickly becomes less about the basic foodstuff that she is attempting to make, and more about nothing other than her drunk observations or asides.  So, really, without her personality, this would be dead in the water within seconds.  This is the only problem really, as if you don’t find her interesting, the whole thing falls apart rapidly.  But, I guess this is the main weakness of a lot of youtube bloggers and personality driven web shows… you either like them or find them incredibly irritating…  For me, this is the former!



This week saw the start of a new series, Awake, which has a bit of an odd concept and isn’t a completely formulaic procedural.  It also sees the welcome return of Laura Allen (4400, Terriers), and also stars Jason Isaacs (Hello to Jason Isaacs!), and Dylan Minnette (Saving Grace).

The concept is relatively simple… Family is involved in a car crash, but for some reason the father experiences two realities; one, where his wife died and one where his son died in the accident.  But which is real and which one a dream?  It isn’t the most original of concepts, which has elements of several other shows and films in it (Journeyman, Sliders, Quantum Leap, Inception, Fringe, Premonition), and has been done in individual episodes of many shows, but it could springboard into something unique, just like Fringe did from it’s early ‘X-Files esque’ roots.

The cast is filled with quality actors, from the main cast listed above to all the supporting cast: Laura Innes, BD Wong, Cherry Jones, Steve Harris… and even Wilmer Valderrama.

So far, the pilot has shown some promise and has some good ideas, which means it will definitely be worth following.  With any luck they will find a good way of expanding the concept, as I can see it becoming very formulaic if imagination isn’t used in developing the possible explanations.  It bodes well for the quality of the show that the creator, Kyle Killen was also the creator of ‘Lonestar’, but in Lonestar’s case it got cancelled far too soon; let’s hope that this time round he gets treated a little better!

As a random aside, the pilot was directed by David Slade, who also directed Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night and ….*cough* the ‘Eat my Goal’ video…

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