Kitacon IV

So yesterday I returned from my weekend at Kitacon, but before I start going in to that I’d like to apologise for not writing about getting ready to go, my thoughts beforehand, and in general no blog posts, but I have had a sprained wrist and was banned from using my hand for four weeks but it’s better now so I’m back!

Before going to Kitacon I wasn’t really sure what to expect; all I really knew was that there would be a lot of Cosplayers, some people selling stuff and that Chris Patten and Ellen McLain would be there. I was looking forward to seeing everyone in cosplay and buying shit that I don’t need but other than that I didn’t really know what to expect. I was disappointed a bit as well due to costuming problems as I was looking forward to properly cosplaying for the first time – I’ve dressed as Snow White and I’m part of the Essex Ghostbusters but it would be a complete event with other cosplayers and it’s a completely different crowd – but unfortunately my Yui (from Angel Beats – Rooney) costume needs a lot of work, mainly getting the lipstick off of the sleeve (if anyone has any tips on this then I’d really appreciate them, I’ve tried everything that I can think of) and also it needs taking in and my wig still hasn’t arrived, and then my Ranka Lee costume still hasn’t been made but I do have the wig and everything else.

I knew I’d only have my Ghostbusters to wear so straight away I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to fully experience the main reason I wanted to go. I was hoping to have at least two costumes. But never mind, I took my duck kigurumi because I knew that it’s normal for people to wear them at these conventions, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wear it or not but I figured if not at least I’d be comfy at night! Seriously it’s the best invention ever! Every person needs one to experience the comfort… whilst looking adorable haha!

Anyway, to the convention! So we arrived at our hotel the day before Kitacon started and the three of us (Rooney and our housemate/friend/adopted son Larter) went to explore the area and find our way to the Hilton Metropole Hotel Birmingham which is where Kitacon was being held and we ended up following the sat nav on my phone (I left all the organisation of the trip to the boys and neither of them figured out that a map or directions would be useful…)(we did navigate all the way there without getting lost actually! – Rooney). It took us a ridiculous route but we made it there eventually but on arrival we bumped in to our friend Clem who just happened to be heading outside as we were coming toward the door. What are the chances? I swear he is actually a wizard. Anyway after receiving directions from Clem we managed to make our way back (via Subway).

With our new and improved route we headed out in the morning to register and start our weekend of sheer craziness. There were parts that I loved and other parts where I was a bit bored of waiting around but all in all I learnt a lot. I am very excited to start making the costumes that I’ve planned and the upcoming conventions and events. Cosplay is something I definitely want to get in to more and I’m excited by that. The costumes where incredible and I was surprised by the standard of costume making. I knew some would be impressive but they were all good, and a hell of a lot that where spot on and must have taken so much time, effort and money to make. It is amazing what people can make.

The atmosphere at Kitacon was incredible, there wasn’t any negativity and I felt an immediate bond with everyone pretty much instantly and this bond just grew and grew until the last moment there. Every single person had 100% respect for each other at all times. It didn’t matter whether your costume wasn’t top notch or whether it was hand made, bought or borrowed there was massive respect either way.

There were two moments where I felt overwhelmed by the love at Kitacon, one was at KitasGotTalent when a young lad went up to play the saxophone but the backing music kept stopping and he had to keep starting from the beginning. He was clearly nervous and the more pressure he was under having to start again over and over was making him look more and more shaky but then a few people started clapping along with him and within seconds every single person there was clapping in time for him and the people who new the words started singing along and I have to say I nearly cried. Watching his confidence increase and the fact that he played the whole piece of music while we supported him and feeling the love in that room at that time is a moment that I’ll never forget and I hope that this is an experience that will stay with him also.

The second moment was at the Sunday night ball which was beautiful. The DJs were doing the goodbye speeches and then they played Bohemian Rhapsody and everyone all started joining in a line with arms around the person next to them whether they knew them or not and swayed and sang along and I could have actually cried. It couldn’t have been more perfect. And it was finished off by a massive group hug. Both these experiences probably don’t sound as amazing as they felt, you had to be there.

All in all it was like a dream world, I felt so safe at all times and so relaxed. Where else can you make friends dressed as a duck while my two assassin friends pose for photos while Iron Man strolls past? Or at what parties do you see someone dancing while playing a DS at 1am next to two My Little Ponies and a Chinese dragon is walking across the stage?

Unfortunately Kitacon V won’t be happening next year but I’m hoping it’ll be in 2014 which so far is their plan. And I’m looking forward to experiencing other cons, expos, etc. I’ll be attending the MCM Expo in May and I can’t wait. If you see some Ghostbusters… I’m the female haha.

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2 responses to “Kitacon IV

  • Bradley Fish (@rico2099)

    Good stuff Aimee!

    Only really been to Bristol comicon and London Expo so it’s always good hearing about other places

    And WOW on the Saxamophone story, it’s hard just playing that normally!

    Buy any cool stuff?

    • Hibiscus

      I was being very careful with my money but I couldn’t resist the Tofu Cute store and stocked up on my Japanese sweets and chocolate 🙂 mmm. I also got a few manga books and a really cute handmade Japanese hair clip. I could have spent a fortune though. Rooney bought a few bits as well x

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