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New trailer for The Lord Inquisitor!

This to me is awesomeness given form, and a really big hammer!

Am I right?

Happy Birthday Rooney

My MCM, London 2012

Wow, yesterday was insane. But I’m getting ahead of myself. As Hibiscus mentioned in her post yesterday, we went to MCM Expo, at the Excel centre in London this weekend. It was our first Expo, and only our second big cosplaying event. We opted to represent for the Essex Ghostbusters on the Saturday, in spite of the folly of wearing a black flightsuit/dress in the somewhat toasty weather we’ve been enjoying of late. The costumes were well received by those that recognised them, and we got to meet one of our colleagues from the UK Ghostbusters (*wave to Rob*). It was a good day (in spite of the sweating), but the lack of information as to what was happening when/where, the heaving crowds, and the expense of just about everything (£4.50 for a six-inch Subway!) meant the Hibiscus decided not to return on the Sunday. My friend Darren and I decided to tough it out, purely because we were wearing our Assassin’s Creed costumes on the Sunday, and we do so love those outfits!

Good Gods are we glad we went back for the second day!

I’m fairly used to being asked for photos when I’m in costume after doing some events in our local shopping centre as a Stormtrooper, but I was totally unprepared for the number of times we’d be asked to pose yesterday! We were stopped at least a hundred times, and often were stuck in the same place for ten minutes or more as people queued up to take photos/have their photo taken with us! I felt like some kind of celebrity, and it was awesome!

We also met some pretty amazing people, although we only actually exchanged contact details with one (*wave to Em*) because we’re idiots, and saw some stunning costumes. We had at least one professional photographer shoot a set with us (which was incredibly flattering), and we’ll be sharing the photo’s with you once they’re uploaded. In the meantime, here’s a few that we snapped ourselves, or borrowed from others! Oh, and apologies for the lack of photo’s – as usual, I was bloody useless with taking pictures. Too busy posing myself!

Thane Krios cosplay, complete with Black Widow sniper rifle!

Darren as Ezio, and our new friend Em as Fem-Ezio

Me as Altair from Assassin’s Creed, tangling with the Batman

Darren as Ezio from Assassin’s Creed 2, also facing off against Batman

Hibiscus and I in our EssexGB garb. Note my cheesy photo face. Snapped by our own Richi Crypt

Altair, Ezio, and fem-Ezio, courtesy of a snapper on Facebook (if it was you let us know and we’ll credit you!)

We’re now really looking forward to October’s Expo – we’ll definitely be busting out the Assassin’s Creed costumes again, and maybe even getting Hibiscus into one this time….

MCM Expo

I attended my first MCM Expo yesterday with Rooney and our friend Darren. Rooney and I were in our Essex Ghostbuster gear while Darren was doing his Hunter from Left 4 Dead costume. It was such a hot day so I’m glad my costume is a dress (until I find a small enough flight suit). So even with the belt and proton pack it still wasn’t too bad.

It was mostly what I expected it to be and I got to see the stalls that I wanted to see and bought a few bits and bobs and posed for some photos but all in all it wasn’t amazing. It was a nice day and it was nice to see Michael who we met at Kitacon, he was wearing his Star Trek costume. We also saw a few other people from Harlow who had turned up to do a bit of shopping.

My only complaint really is that there didn’t seem to be enough bits to say where things were and who was appearing. I kind of stumbled across one of the magazines with the rota in (mainly because I was diving out of the way of some excited people rushing past) and found two print outs of the rota on the wall. But other than that it was good and there was a steady flow of people so there wasn’t too many points where we got stuck. Some of the costumes where incredible as well, I love seeing everyone elses creations and props.

The boys went back today in their Assasin Creed costumes but I decided not to go, I saw everything I wanted to see yesterday. It would be different if I had more costumes but until then I’ve only got my Ghostbusters uniform.

Questions For Hibiscus

I realised that there’s not much on here about us as individuals, so Rooney and I have put together some questions for our little Crowd to answer. It’s everything you (don’t) need to know about us.

Here’s mine…

Name: Aimee, although in the online world it’s always Hibiscus

Age: 25 going on 45

Interesting fact about me: I have got six beautiful guinea pigs, four boys and two girls. They are called; Howard, Padme, Felicia, Guybrush,  Gerard, and Lestat.  One chirps like a bird.

When I’m not hanging out in the Cantina, I can be found (hobbies): Playing the Xbox, watching films, baking cakes, dancing (Kinect), playing with the guinea pigs or sleeping.

I suck at it, but I wish I was good at…: I generally wish I was more motivated. I bought a ukulele to learn to play and haven’t used it, and I have various other things I want to learn but haven’t. I tried knitting actually and wasn’t good at it, it was a kit to knit a ninja doll for 8 year olds and I gave up because it was too hard.

What I’m most likely to be blogging about: Mostly Youtube videos and XBox games.

I first realised I was a geek when…: I was arguing with Rooney about how I’m not a geek, it was a couple of years ago but now I’ve accepted it haha.

My favourite games console is: XBox 360, especially when hooked up to Kinect.

My favourite retro games console is: I grew up playing the Sega Master System and then moved on to the Mega Drive. I also played a lot of the Playstation and PS2 but my favourite one was the Mega Drive by far.

The computer game I am currently playing is/last played was: I’m currently playing Alan Wake, Skylanders, and Skyrim.

My favourite computer game ever is: Fallout 3

The board game I love to sit and play with my friends is: Zombies!!! because it’s not complicated but it’s still fun. I also love playing D&D with my group, does that count as a board game? Oh and I love Cluedo but nobody ever wants to play with me.

I think the best movie ever made is: American Psycho

But I also enjoy watching: Disney, Horror, Comedy, Anime, most things really.

If I could be a Disney Princess or date one it would be: I would be Belle or Snow White.

My favourite style of music is: Anything catchy that I can sing and dance to (in the comfort of my own home).

The book I’d recommend would be: Sylvia Plath – The Bell Jar

My favourite comic book hero is: Thor because he’s hunky!

If you could speak any language in the galaxy it would be: I want to learn Japanese

If I could choose one weapon (unlimited ammo) to survive the zombie apocalypse it would be: A rocket launcher

You can pick one character/creature from any genre/series/whatever to be your sidekick in defending the world against an alien invasion and that is…: Thor… because he’s hunky.

My chosen fuel to keep me going through a marathon gaming session would be: Mountain Dew and microwave butter popcorn.

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