Happy Star Wars day!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when people who don’t mention Star Wars at all 364 days of the year will suddenly flood your Facebook timeline with May the 4th pictures and messages. So here’s another one;

May the 4th be with you, always.

Of course, anyone that reads this blog regularly, or has the misfortune to have me as a friend on Facebook will know that I post about Star Wars a little more often than once a year….

I was going to write something a little more interesting this morning, perhaps a little bit of the history of Star Wars day (such as it is), or something like that. But Real Life has been a bit busy of late, and a quick Google image search and some hastily typed words is all you’re getting today!

Oh wait, here’s a picture of myself and Hibiscus at a charity event we attended before Christmas which she wrote about here.

Snow White & the Roontrooper


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I'm a struggling writer/musician/producer with an over active imagination and penchant for living beyond my means! I have a love of Sci-Fi, loud music, reading, cosplay, and tattoos. View all posts by Rooney

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