Goodbye Inside Xbox

So, it was announced yesterday that Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to shut down Inside Xbox Europe, after doing the same thing to its US counterpart last week.

For those of you not aware, Inside Xbox is a part of the Xbox team that develops first party content for those of us paying an Xbox Live subscription fee. Things like the informative SentUAMessage will no longer be made as Microsoft “continue to strive to deliver the latest gaming and entertainment news for users across the region“. What this means is that there’ll be no more in-house productions. Instead all their content will be made by third parties. Most likely those with a new game coming out that they’re looking to promote.

This has prompted many subscribers to ask “What are we paying our subscription fee for?”, as they are annoyed at the fee remaining the same when popular content is effectively being removed

It also means that the two awesome chaps Dan Maher (MrPointyHead) and Andy Farrant (Farrantula) are out of the job, so that Microsoft can save a few quid and cram in more annoying adverts on our Xbox dashboards.

This has annoyed me, and my thoughts go out to the Inside Xbox teams – both here and in the states. All of the Crowd here wish you the best of luck

More details over at EuroGamer.

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