Today, I am sulking

Because today Diablo 3 was released, and due to budgetary cock-ups by me, I can’t afford to buy it until payday. This not only makes me sad (and slightly angry at my own financial stupidity), but it also means that I can’t make a post here in the Cantina about how great it is.

However, one thing that has made this slightly more bearable is the fact that there seems to have been a massive issue for a large amount of people when logging in – “Error 12”. I’ve been following the development of this issue on the Blizzard Customer Services twitter stream.

As with Starcraft 2, D3 requires you to log in to play. Unlike SC2, it requires a live connection to the servers to play. At all times. Which is a bit of a bugger if you have an unreliable ISP *cough*Virgin*cough*, as it means every time you experience a drop in connectivity or a full on failure of your internet connection, you’ll be kicked out of your game and won’t be able to play. I’m sure they have their reasons for introducing this measure (could have something to do with the fact that the previous two Diablo games were pirated to Hell!), but I just like to moan about it.

Anyway, moaning aside, this means that if you can’t log in, you can’t play. So if you’ve just queued for three hours waiting for the midnight launch, paid your cash, gone home and installed the game and then can’t play because you can’t log in, I’d imagine you’d be somewhat annoyed (I know I would have been if I couldn’t have played GoW3 when I got it at the midnight launch). Add to that the massive download times most people who opted for the midnight download version were experiencing, and you have a partially effective salve for my irritation at not being able to play until sometime in June.

Anyway, enough with my rambling, go and see if your copy of D3 has finished downloading yet..

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