Questions For Hibiscus

I realised that there’s not much on here about us as individuals, so Rooney and I have put together some questions for our little Crowd to answer. It’s everything you (don’t) need to know about us.

Here’s mine…

Name: Aimee, although in the online world it’s always Hibiscus

Age: 25 going on 45

Interesting fact about me: I have got six beautiful guinea pigs, four boys and two girls. They are called; Howard, Padme, Felicia, Guybrush,  Gerard, and Lestat.  One chirps like a bird.

When I’m not hanging out in the Cantina, I can be found (hobbies): Playing the Xbox, watching films, baking cakes, dancing (Kinect), playing with the guinea pigs or sleeping.

I suck at it, but I wish I was good at…: I generally wish I was more motivated. I bought a ukulele to learn to play and haven’t used it, and I have various other things I want to learn but haven’t. I tried knitting actually and wasn’t good at it, it was a kit to knit a ninja doll for 8 year olds and I gave up because it was too hard.

What I’m most likely to be blogging about: Mostly Youtube videos and XBox games.

I first realised I was a geek when…: I was arguing with Rooney about how I’m not a geek, it was a couple of years ago but now I’ve accepted it haha.

My favourite games console is: XBox 360, especially when hooked up to Kinect.

My favourite retro games console is: I grew up playing the Sega Master System and then moved on to the Mega Drive. I also played a lot of the Playstation and PS2 but my favourite one was the Mega Drive by far.

The computer game I am currently playing is/last played was: I’m currently playing Alan Wake, Skylanders, and Skyrim.

My favourite computer game ever is: Fallout 3

The board game I love to sit and play with my friends is: Zombies!!! because it’s not complicated but it’s still fun. I also love playing D&D with my group, does that count as a board game? Oh and I love Cluedo but nobody ever wants to play with me.

I think the best movie ever made is: American Psycho

But I also enjoy watching: Disney, Horror, Comedy, Anime, most things really.

If I could be a Disney Princess or date one it would be: I would be Belle or Snow White.

My favourite style of music is: Anything catchy that I can sing and dance to (in the comfort of my own home).

The book I’d recommend would be: Sylvia Plath – The Bell Jar

My favourite comic book hero is: Thor because he’s hunky!

If you could speak any language in the galaxy it would be: I want to learn Japanese

If I could choose one weapon (unlimited ammo) to survive the zombie apocalypse it would be: A rocket launcher

You can pick one character/creature from any genre/series/whatever to be your sidekick in defending the world against an alien invasion and that is…: Thor… because he’s hunky.

My chosen fuel to keep me going through a marathon gaming session would be: Mountain Dew and microwave butter popcorn.

About Hibiscus

I'm a 30 year old blogger from Essex who is in a great relationship and we have a beautiful son who is 3 years old. I write for Cantina Crowd. View all posts by Hibiscus

3 responses to “Questions For Hibiscus

  • badwolf187

    Im a PS3 man and I’ve bought Skyrim but haven’t had a chance to play it yet… I just know I will be addicted!!!

  • Rooney

    It is rather addictive. It’s always “Just one more quest”, “I’ll just hand in this one”, and before you know it, it’s 4am and you’re just starting a massive quest chain!

  • Hibiscus

    Skyrim is amazing but yeah it is addictive. I only stopped playing because I sprained my wrist at work and the doctor told me I couldn’t play the XBox for four weeks, which was horrible. But it’s definatly worth playing, even if you get addicted. It’s a good addiction haha x

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