Happy Birthday Rooney

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I'm a 30 year old blogger from Essex who is in a great relationship and we have a beautiful son who is 3 years old. I write for Cantina Crowd. View all posts by Hibiscus

4 responses to “Happy Birthday Rooney

  • Mayor

    Even in the promo shot, Ernie Hudson is standing alone poor guy.Didn’t remmeber until hearing Peter MacNicols’ bizarre accent that I had actually seen this movie before. Apparently I’d banished it from my consciousness somehow, and for good reason. Things started out promising but very quickly went downhill like a baby carriage ignored by Sigourney Weaver and almost hit by the bus from Speed. If New York judges routinely blow their tops and threaten to burn people at the stake for causing power outages, it’s no wonder an Undercity of angry pink goo formed beneath it. That is, however, no reason for dancing toasters.

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