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Explosive Alan Productions: Project Possum

So, with the sad (and rather abrupt end) of Inside Xbox, there was a team of skilled individuals thrust unceremoniously into the cold world of unemployment in one of the worst depressions this country’s ever seen. But rather than curl into the foetal position and sob/drink themselves into oblivion, some of those individuals have banded together to form Explosive Alan Productions; Namely Dan Maher (former editor of Xbox Live and presenter of SentUAMessage) and Xbox video producers Ash Denton and Gareth Wild.

And yesterday they unveiled their big phoenix-from-the-flames-esque plan; Project Possum! You can read all about it on their Indiegogo (basically a different Kickstarter) page here, but I’ll summarise it for you. They want to make a pilot for a video games show, a little like SentUAMessage/NeXuS/the other shows that made up Inside Xbox, but free from the restraints of Microsoft. The premise looks good, since they obviously know what they’re talking about, and are all consummate gamers themselves, and have some very interesting ideas (particularly including community-generated content). But rather than following the usual route of pitching an idea to production studio/TV channel/whatever, they want to make a pilot themselves and take that to the studios. And the best part? Since it’ll be community funded (that is, paid for by us, the fans) they’ll already have ample proof that there is an audience out there for the show. What’s more, it’s an audience that’s ready and willing to part with their own hard-earned cash to support it!


They’re asking for a fairly paltry amount – £6,461 –  and in fact, since I’ve been writing this, they’ve reached and exceeded that amount! But if you’re so inclined, feel free to donate what you can, as they’ve promised that every penny they receive will be poured into the project – the initial amount was the bare minimum, so anything over that can only improve the quality of the end product.

I’ll be monitoring this whole thing closely (I’m financially invested now after all!), and I’ll keep you all updated on how this goes. We’ve all got our fingers crossed for the boys in this endeavour, and there’s even some dark mutterings about sacrificing a chicken….

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