How to win an election? BUILD A GUNDAM!

At least, that seems to be the view held by Japan’s (where else?) Liberal Democratic party. Their ploy to regain leadership after losing it to the current leaders the Democratic Party of Japan is to seriously consider building bi-pedal mecha. They’re due to discuss the idea in an upcoming broadcast on Japanese video platform Nico Nico – I shall be watching YouTube awaiting the translation!

Vote for me! Er, I mean LDP!

It was estimated back in 2008 by Kotaku that the cost of building a real life Gundam (excluding labour and the Awesomeness that would be needed) would be somewhere around US$725,000,000. That seems a tad expensive for a country with an ageing population, no exploitable natural resources, and mountains of debt which currently has a strong national currency, and a global marketplace that isn’t buying because we’re a bit strapped for cash.

Still, they’re probably not planning on building a 60foot goliath like those in the anime’s, but probably a more sensibly sized mecha that would be used as heavy support in their Nation Defence Force. And you know what? Regardless of how ridiculous this seems, I would love to see it happen!

Can you imagine the British Labour Party cooking up a scheme like this? Ed Milliband appearing on Youtube to tell us all how we need to build a giant robot to fix “Broken Britain”?

Check out the Kotaku article for more

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