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I want this so much it hurts.

It’s a mech. It’s a mech you can sit in and pilot. It’s a mech you can sit in and pilot that comes with a (water) rocket launcher and twin (BB) gatling guns. Oh, and when you smile it shoots stuff. What the Hell is there not to like?

It’s built by Suidobashi Heavy Industries, a group of mech enthusiasts (and fething genius’) in Japan, and was unveiled at Wonder Festival in Tokyo last weekend. It’s not going to be winning any Gundam Fights, but seriously, YOU CAN GET INSIDE AND PILOT IT!

I want to get one and give it a custom paint job, then use it to drive to and from work during the week, and to fight other Kuratas units at the weekend. But at $1.3 million (that’s about £827000 in real money) I probably won’t have too many opponents…

Satan – Evil or Misunderstood?

This post is a review on a Novel:


Lucifer, the fallen Angel, banished to Hell by God Himself, performs his duties to punish the evil brought before him, hoping to one day step through the gates of Heaven again. The Devil, in a semi-conscious state, monitors the Litany of human actions on Earth, carrying out the Almighty’s wishes, but never interfering on Earth’s plain. That is until a child’s murder and an Evil, heartless cover up by the defendant’s lawyer, drives Satan to seek justice on the individuals immediately, robbing their very souls of liberty now and preventing these ‘creatures’ from having a prosperous long life. The Devil takes on a human form of a suicide victim and ascends from Hell. His actions attract the attentions of Patrons and Daemons alike, whose mission are to prevent the Devil’s interference, and drag him back to Hell. However, Satan’s greatest challenge still awaited him in his new guise – Love!

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I Love Angel Beats!

About two years ago I decided to try out some anime and see whether I liked it or not, it was always something I was aware of but had never been that interested in and I can’t remember what it was that attracted me to it but I decided to do a bit of research and pick one to watch. I wanted to pick a series rather than a film and I didn’t want the series to be too long.

I decided that Angel Beats! was for me, it’s a 13 episode television series directed by Seiji Kishi. I suppose it’d fall in the categories of fantasy, comedy, drama and action. There is also a bit of romance in there also. I don’t want to give anything away because I’d recommend it to be watched by anyone but it’s about a boy called Yuzuru Otonashi who I suppose ‘wakes up’ in a high school where he meets Yuri Nakamura who explains to him that they are all dead and this is now a kind of limbo. The other main character is Angel who they are at war against and despite being tiny she really does kick ass. There’s a lot more to it and many more characters but I don’t want to spoil it. Because I really do think it’s something that needs to be watched. I absolutely fell in love with the storyline and all the characters and cried so much during the final episode. I think this was defiantly the perfect choice for me to help me get in to anime and I have watched other films and series since but I can honestly say that I haven’t found anything that I have enjoyed as much as Angel Beats!

Although saying that I am very happy to take recommendations of things to watch so feel free to post in the comments.

‘Dalek’s aren’t robots!!!’


The idea for this particular blog was sparked off following a conversation with a work colleague, a really nice bloke, but not a geek… I can forgive him for that, just! We saw a cyclist with a very large projectile, which incidentally turned out to be a mirror, protruding from his helmet. My mate said, ‘Blimey, he looks like a Dalek.’ I looked at him with an expression that spelt that there was actually hope for the universe. I explained how impressed I was, for him to actually know what a Dalek was. It was at that point he lit the blue touch paper and said, ‘Yeah, they’re those robots from Doctor Who! AHHHHHH!!!!

Not that I doubt anyone reading this, would ever have such a blasphemous thought, but I would like to tell you about the Daleks.

Our journey begins on the Planet Skaro.

Twelfth planet from the sun in its solar system, the Seventh Galaxy, with a single continent divided in two halves, east & west.  The planet was inhabited by two humanoid species, Kaled’s & Thal’s. It is not recorded as to the cause of it, but both races go to war with each other, a dirty nuclear war, causing mutations from the biological and chemical weapons.


The Kaled’s, on the brink of extinction, turn to their chief scientist, and resident megalomaniac, Davros, to prevent this occurring. The wheel chair bound scientist, began experimenting on the mutants, attacking their very genes, removing all essence of fairness, reason or emotions, creating the ultimate evil.


They immediately displayed their ruthless personality, and their wish to conquer and prove superiority, even in their ‘Blob’ like form, so Davros created polycarbonate transport devices based upon his own wheel chair design, known as the Mark III, with advance weaponry, life support systems, armour & computers so that the newly developed abominations could become symbiotic with their casing. The ‘Dalek’ an anagram of ‘Kaled’ was born.

The results were devastating. The Dalek’s immediately went into battle destroying all in their path, screaming their infamous battle cry EXTERMIATE!!!. The recognised that they were the superior beings in the universe and all other species were inferior, in their ‘eye’ that included the remaining Kaled’s. They turned on their creator leaving him for dead in the ruins of the Skaro Dome, and proceeded in their attempts to conquer the universe.

There are many Dalek stories to tell, which I will happily do so upon request in another blog, but the purpose of this one was to outline ‘Dalek’s aren’t robots!!!’ When I told my friend that they were ruthless mutated creatures in polycarbonate shells, all he could reply with was…. Geek. I agreed!!!


Do You Really Know the T.A.R.D.I.S?


I’m not going to insult you with the obvious. We all know that the Tardis is an acronym for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. We know it’s a time/space machine, that it looks like a police box from the 1960’s, it’s owner is a Time Lord known as the Doctor & of course it’s bigger on the inside than the outside. But do you know why, how and by whom?

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