London Film and Comic Con 2012

On Saturday (7 July) I attended LFCC for the first time. The  event was held in the Kensington Olympia this year (apparently a change of venue due to the bloody Olympics getting in the way), and after more than an hour on Tube trains and a pleasant walk in full Altair garb, we arrived! In between the innumerable requests for photos and stopping to gawk at the cool stuff on display by the vendors, we made to the signing hall. And good lord, that was something to behold

I knew from reading the website that this was the con to attend if you wanted to get something signed, do a hover-hand pose with a star you lust after, or just meet a TV/film idol, but I was still unprepared for the number of celebrities sat behind tables, pens at the ready! Dozens upon dozens, ranging from bit-part actors in Star Wars, to nerd heartthrobs like Jeri Ryan! Hibiscus got very excited when we spotted Jewel Staite at her own table – fortunately we had no available cash to pay the £15 for an autograph, or Hibiscus may actually have fainted.

Here’s our very own Hibiscus in her Kelly (Misfits) cosplay

But none of these stars were for me! I was searching for a different famous name – Dan Abnett. According to the website, he would be attending in his guise as a comic book writer, but I would be stalking him as a Gaunts Ghosts fan (even though I rather foolishly left the book I wanted signed sat at home!). But despite trawling the hall, pestering countless event staff, and intently staring at a chap in the comics zone who looked a bit like him, I never found him *insert sad face here*

But on the plus side, Larter and I (dressed as Ezio and Altair respectively) were asked to join two costuming groups! I won’t name names since we’ve not decided which (if any) we’ll be joining, but at least one of them will be known to you if you’re a sci-fi costumer in the UK.

Here’s Larter actually riding on a Donkey (Shrek) cosplayer!

There was also a nice chap doing interviews, who stopped to chat to us for a bit

We both suck at being interviewed, apparently. Although, in our defence, we’d only just arrived, and were totally blind-sided at being asked if we could be interviewed! So that’s why we talk utter shite.

Anyway, we’ll definitely be attending again next year (at £6 a pop on the door tickets were a bargain!), and if you snapped any photos of us during the day, let us know!

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