The Firefly ten year reunion

If you’re a Browncoat (if you are, then you’ll know. If not, then you should be) then you have to watch this video. That’s not even hyperbole either. If you are a fan of Cap’n Tightpants and his crew of lovable misfits then I cannot comprehend how you can not watch this video now that you’re aware of its existence. It’s the full panel at SDCC 2012 (minus only the clips they screened), and it is pretty damned amazing.

Be warned though: in addition to making your day, it will probably also make you cry.

And now go and think on how much better your life is for having seen that.



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I'm a struggling writer/musician/producer with an over active imagination and penchant for living beyond my means! I have a love of Sci-Fi, loud music, reading, cosplay, and tattoos. View all posts by Rooney

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