Wanna try out SC2: Heart of the Swarm?

If you do, then all you need to do is buy yourself a ticket to the StarCraft II World Championship Series Nordic Nationals on July 28. And then if you don’t live locally to the event in Stockholm, organise some form of transport. And probably a hotel or something unless you’re really hardcore and want to sleep rough outside in a tent made of your vanquished foes.

Anyway, Blizzard and DreamHack are providing a dedicated area at the finals with thirty PC’s running an  early build Heart of the Swarm that ticket-holding attendees can spend a limited time on trying out and testing some of the game modes, with Blizzard staff on hand to offer helpful pointers and probably scripted sales pitches to excited gamers.

Check out more details and a link to buy tickets over at DreamHack‘s site.

As for me, I think I’ll have to make do with watching the games on the livestream!

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