‘Dalek’s aren’t robots!!!’


The idea for this particular blog was sparked off following a conversation with a work colleague, a really nice bloke, but not a geek… I can forgive him for that, just! We saw a cyclist with a very large projectile, which incidentally turned out to be a mirror, protruding from his helmet. My mate said, ‘Blimey, he looks like a Dalek.’ I looked at him with an expression that spelt that there was actually hope for the universe. I explained how impressed I was, for him to actually know what a Dalek was. It was at that point he lit the blue touch paper and said, ‘Yeah, they’re those robots from Doctor Who! AHHHHHH!!!!

Not that I doubt anyone reading this, would ever have such a blasphemous thought, but I would like to tell you about the Daleks.

Our journey begins on the Planet Skaro.

Twelfth planet from the sun in its solar system, the Seventh Galaxy, with a single continent divided in two halves, east & west.  The planet was inhabited by two humanoid species, Kaled’s & Thal’s. It is not recorded as to the cause of it, but both races go to war with each other, a dirty nuclear war, causing mutations from the biological and chemical weapons.


The Kaled’s, on the brink of extinction, turn to their chief scientist, and resident megalomaniac, Davros, to prevent this occurring. The wheel chair bound scientist, began experimenting on the mutants, attacking their very genes, removing all essence of fairness, reason or emotions, creating the ultimate evil.


They immediately displayed their ruthless personality, and their wish to conquer and prove superiority, even in their ‘Blob’ like form, so Davros created polycarbonate transport devices based upon his own wheel chair design, known as the Mark III, with advance weaponry, life support systems, armour & computers so that the newly developed abominations could become symbiotic with their casing. The ‘Dalek’ an anagram of ‘Kaled’ was born.

The results were devastating. The Dalek’s immediately went into battle destroying all in their path, screaming their infamous battle cry EXTERMIATE!!!. The recognised that they were the superior beings in the universe and all other species were inferior, in their ‘eye’ that included the remaining Kaled’s. They turned on their creator leaving him for dead in the ruins of the Skaro Dome, and proceeded in their attempts to conquer the universe.

There are many Dalek stories to tell, which I will happily do so upon request in another blog, but the purpose of this one was to outline ‘Dalek’s aren’t robots!!!’ When I told my friend that they were ruthless mutated creatures in polycarbonate shells, all he could reply with was…. Geek. I agreed!!!


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A London based copper & all round Sci-Fi geek with a particular passion for Doctor Who. I also love motorcycling & movies. Favourite tv shows include the late greats like Life on Mars & Ashes to Ashes, NCIS, Burn Notice & really anything fantasy/Sci-Fi based. Two favourite saying: 'Im definitely a madman with a box' & 'You don't need a degree in applied bollocks to work that out!' View all posts by badwolf187

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