Satan – Evil or Misunderstood?

This post is a review on a Novel:


Lucifer, the fallen Angel, banished to Hell by God Himself, performs his duties to punish the evil brought before him, hoping to one day step through the gates of Heaven again. The Devil, in a semi-conscious state, monitors the Litany of human actions on Earth, carrying out the Almighty’s wishes, but never interfering on Earth’s plain. That is until a child’s murder and an Evil, heartless cover up by the defendant’s lawyer, drives Satan to seek justice on the individuals immediately, robbing their very souls of liberty now and preventing these ‘creatures’ from having a prosperous long life. The Devil takes on a human form of a suicide victim and ascends from Hell. His actions attract the attentions of Patrons and Daemons alike, whose mission are to prevent the Devil’s interference, and drag him back to Hell. However, Satan’s greatest challenge still awaited him in his new guise – Love!

From start to finish I was compelled to read this book. I particularly enjoyed the way the author portrays the Devil as our story’s Hero, a regrettable being, doing a job he hates, taking out the trash, in order to get back into God’s ‘good books.’ The book has a horror classification. Now I’m not much of a horror reader, or movie watcher come to that, but this book is different. If you are into fantasy and the Supernatural, then you will not be disappointed, but under no accounts think this novel isn’t horrific. The murder is brutish, the offender’s actions are sickening and the descriptive language is not for the faint hearted, however it is used appropriately, in my opinion, to describe pure Evil. So my advice is grow a set, man up and don’t be put off by a bit of course language, otherwise you will miss out on some good reading, as I give it 5 stars.

I stumbled upon the author purely by accident. I was having a Twitter confab with someone about cats, the four legged felines and not the show. At that point the Author, Christine Dougherty, joined in the conversation. As talks progressed I was introduced to Popcorn! Boy was that an eye opener! I will not go too deep into it as it’s suitable for its own review,  but if you do enjoy horror stories, or ‘spooky’ tales that make you think, ‘Did that really happen’ then purchase either, ‘Popcorn’ for £0.77 or ‘Darkness Within: A Collection of Horrific Short Stories’ for £2.64 on Kindle downloads

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