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Review: Mass Effect 3, Leviathan DLC

Last night I finished the Leviathan DLC and I really enjoyed it, although I’m not entirely sure it was worth the 800MS points I paid for it. I’ll attempt to review it here without leaking any spoilers!

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On being a geek, but not being a geek.

I am going to introduce myself here with two confessions, firstly I am a geek, secondly I am a rubbish geek.  I am the geek equivalent of those aging DJs you meet who own every record ever recorded, yet couldn’t play a single chord if their life depended on it.

Years ago being a geek meant something. Yes you might have been a social outcast, but you had power. The kind of dark Super Villain power only available to those who not only knew what an IP address was, but knew how to obscure it as they dismantled your entire life by emailing your boss/spouse/dog those pictures.

Yet here I am today, in the uniquely modern position of being a geek who doesn’t know what external hard drive I need to buy. Once upon a time a geek wouldn’t even need to buy a hard drive. They would build their own, with an egg cartoon, and then use it to hack into NASAs systems and down a small spacecraft for kicks. I on the other hand sit here staring at the Amazon page wondering what the fuck a terabyte is.

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Obsession Session

I’m talking about gaming obsessions, and I think that anyone that has a games console or has played games has had some form of temporary obsession with a certain game whether it’s Tetris, Fifa or Skyrim. My biggest one was with Fallout 3. If I wasn’t playing it I was working out when I’d be playing it next and even knew where on the map I’d be travelling to or which quest I’d be doing.  I’d also talk about it a lot, I’d discuss it with Rooney, my friends, my family and even my work colleagues.

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Good men, I call to thee

I’ve just read blog post shared by my friend Zero Drift, a post originally made by Ernest W. Adams (A Call To Arms for Decent Men), and it’s hit something of a nerve. And not in a bad way, even though I don’t agree with his stance on online anonymity. So I’ve decided to take the advice therein and write my own post against internet biggotry (check out the blog here).

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Playing the new Mass Effect 3 DLC “Leviathan”

Later this week (once I complete it) I’ll be reviewing the Leviathan DLC for BioWare’s epic Mass Effect 3, but in the meantime, here’s a post to help other players like me, who are (uselessly) trying to play the DLC!

Load your last saved game (as long as it’s not the save before the last mission “The Return”), board the Normandy, and check your messages. You’ll have one there from good ol’ Admiral Hackett regarding a Dr. Bryson. Go to your Galaxy Map, and voilà! You can start the hunt for the mysterious Leviathan.


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