The Truth is Out There…. Or Is It?

This post is a review of the Novel:

James Smith’s world is dominated by messages. His entire existence is governed by deciphering clues, in words, numbers, syllables & people’s actions. Piecing together signs that will eventually lead him to the Plan… this not only costs him his girlfriend, who has practically left him, but also his job, something that is only hindering his goal.

This enigma leads him to an object, The Object, the only thing of importance, something he desires, something necessary to complete his mission. However, en route to his prize, James walks a dark path. Carrying out acts that he never thought possible. He is assisted by a strange Cop, Sergeant Riddel, the only one James puts trust in. The only one who has witnessed the strange power, emitted by the object. With this new found knowledge James is ‘hell bent’ on proving to Lacey, his girlfriend, that this & all connected to it pivotal to the Plan. Is it a sign from God, a belief his psychotic, abusive mother had so much faith in, some form of alien technology he’s has discovered, or is he just mad?

Christine Dougherty has done it again. Without portraying myself as a star struck weirdo, I absolutely love this authors writing. (I’m a London Police Officer, and know full well stalking is an offence…. a joke, I promise… not about the cop bit…. I digress!!!) She has the capability of capturing the attention of an easily distracted & loss of interest reader like myself, & cause me to say, ‘Just one more chapter, then I’ll go to sleep.’

Christine will introduce someone into the story who is observed by the main character, James. Then she’ll write the same scenario from the sub characters point of view & in the process you learn about them too. Their mannerisms, their beliefs, & then you find yourself piecing together how they will react to up & coming events, but without losing sight of the main plot. Pure brilliance. For example, let’s take the lead character. By the end of chapter three I wanted to kill him off myself, then & there. I found his actions annoying to breaking point. It was then I realised that this was the idea. To be annoyed with him to get him, to do something, strange. Then suddenly, ‘bamm’ both barrels, leaving the reader thinking… ‘Did that just really happen?’

Having read some of Christine’s other novels, such as the ‘Devil Stood Up’& ‘Darkness Within’, I initially compared her style of storytelling to that of Piers Anthony. However, having read an old novel of his recently, ‘Bio of a Space Tyrant – Refugee’, I feel I have mentally done her an injustice. Unlike Anthony she is not obsessed with sex, rape & violence portrayed in a number of his books. She concentrates on the job at hand. That doesn’t mean to say there isn’t violence or horror in the script; far from it…. some of it is pure evil. But it isn’t relentless to the point that you lose the story. I found myself nearing the end of the book hoping for a certain outcome that the story would evolve in a particular fashion. I’m not telling you if it did though, as we each have our own perspective on it.

Please just buy the book & seek your own conclusions! It’s only £8 on Amazon in paperback format, or £2.68 in Kindle, bargain. Lets support these author’s in their work and encourage more great stories. My next Dougherty instalment with be ‘Faith Creation – All Lies Revealed’ the first instalment in the ‘Faith Series’ so watch this space!!!

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One response to “The Truth is Out There…. Or Is It?

  • Christine Dougherty

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate the kind words. I had a lot of fun with that book and with ‘James’ and to write someone so conflicted. I am excited to see how you feel about Faith!
    Best Regards,
    Christine Dougherty

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