Something’s not right

I’ll warn you right now, I’m going to veer slightly off-topic here, into what could be controversial waters, and I also want to make it clear that these are my views, not those of the Cantina Crowd as a whole.

There. Now if the internet powers-that-be want to stomp someone, they can stomp me and not the blog.

It has come to my attention that Kim Schmitz, the owner of (a filesharing site where users could upload almost any file, then give out a URL that would allow anyone else to download said file) has been found guilty of copyright infringement. That was pretty obvious, since whether he’ll admit it or not, that’s what the site was set up for. What’s wrong with this is the sentence; fifty years imprisonment. Fifty years. He’ll be eighty-seven when he’s released.

Fifty years is OTT in my opinion anyway, but then look at some other penalties given out for what I would say are far more serious crimes;

  • Anders Breivik – killed eighty people in two separate incidents on 22nd July 2012. His sentence? Twenty-one years.
  • Miguel Carcano – Killed Marta del Castillo, disposed of her body, and lied to her family and the authorities. He got twenty years.

So what we are to take from this is that the authorities (on a world scale, as all three of these cases were tried in different countries) deem that helping people download films illegally is a more serious crime than mass murder.

There’s something very, very wrong with that.


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