Obsession Session

I’m talking about gaming obsessions, and I think that anyone that has a games console or has played games has had some form of temporary obsession with a certain game whether it’s Tetris, Fifa or Skyrim. My biggest one was with Fallout 3. If I wasn’t playing it I was working out when I’d be playing it next and even knew where on the map I’d be travelling to or which quest I’d be doing.  I’d also talk about it a lot, I’d discuss it with Rooney, my friends, my family and even my work colleagues.

My love for Fallout began about ten minutes after starting to play the game, my brother bought me it for my birthday and I didn’t get around to playing it straight away but when I did I was hooked almost immediately. I was playing it before and after work, on the weekends, and just basically when I could. Rooney was playing it at the same time as I was and having only one Xbox at the time it was being well used – as soon as he’d start playing I’d be there waiting for him to come off so that I could play!

I was then obviously very excited when Fallout: New Vegas came out and although I ended up completing it as well I just didn’t enjoy it as much, I felt like it had been rushed and just wasn’t as in depth and interesting as Fallout 3.

I then replaced this obsession with Skyrim which I played as much as Fallout 3 up until the point where I damaged the tendons in my wrist (not while playing Skyrim) but was told by the doctors that I wasn’t allowed to play the Xbox for a month which was awful!

But anyway I think everyone has certain games that they fall madly in love with and can’t stop playing and I’m interested to know what games have you been obsessed with.

Now I am really tempted to play Fallout… so if you’ll excuse me 🙂

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2 responses to “Obsession Session

  • badwolf187

    I love playing Skyrim but I find I really have to discipline myself when playing it. For example my first mission was to collect the dragon stone. I found myself carrying out sub missions and other tasks on route and before I knew it id been playing for 6 hours. Something else I love about Skyrim is the music. You can buy it on CD but its £67 for 3 discs… However I’ve downloaded it for about £5 Bargain

    • Hibiscus

      Skyrim does have a brilliant soundtrack. Thats exactly how I play Skyrim and Fallout, I end up doing smaller missions around the main one and end up sat there all day haha x

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