Review: Mass Effect 3, Leviathan DLC

Last night I finished the Leviathan DLC and I really enjoyed it, although I’m not entirely sure it was worth the 800MS points I paid for it. I’ll attempt to review it here without leaking any spoilers!

The DLC adds a new mission to the single player campaign, and takes place before the return to Earth and the messiness and confusion that ensues thereafter. This means that if you want to play it in a game you’ve already completed, then you’ll have to go back to a save before you assault the Illusive Man’s base. If you try and load it after that point, although you’ll have the email from Admiral Hackett, you won’t be able to travel there since the Reapers will have occupied all the systems, only allowing you to travel to Earth.

Gameplay wise it’s straight forward ME3. Reapers are the enemies you’re facing, and despite some interesting locations (in particular the last one, atop the floating wreck of a crashed starship), there’s nothing really different apart from the inclusion of some game mechanics from the multiplayer such as escorting drones, and carrying items to designated locations. There are new weapon mods available, most of which can be found in the multiplayer, and two new weapons as well (the AT-12 Raider shotgun, and the M55 Argus assault rifle).

A lot of this DLC is spent *gasp* roleplaying! Yes you have the obligatory battle sequences which are fun, but more time is spent exploring characters, locations, and planets looking for clues as to what and where this mysterious Leviathan is. Even the final part of the DLC isn’t a battle, it’s a cinematic, then a report to our friend Admiral Hackett, before some notifications that you’ve added new war assets. It feels a little anti-climactic until you realise that unlike DLC’s for ME2, this isn’t intended as a story in itself – it’s simply another (slightly more involved) mission in the fight to re-take Earth.

I was disappointed with the scenes involving the Triton Mech (a re-skinned version of the Atlas). There’s precious little combat done involving it, and the majority of the time you’re in it, you’re just plodding very slowly along the seabed. I was hoping for some awesome underwater combat against…. erm… aquatic Reapers, or Geth fishies!

The big payoff in this DLC is for fans of the lore and history of the ME3 (like myself). I won’t say much, but we learn some very interesting things about the Reapers, their genesis, and where they come from (including why they have that giant-squid appearance).

All told it was an enjoyable four-ish hours spent battling the Reaper harvest again, and the big reveal at the end was pretty awesome for me, but I’m not convinced it was worth 800 MS points. Sure there are new planets, new characters, weapons, and mods, but there are no new team members, no significant changes to the storyline, and no boss fights – I understand why this is, since it’s just another mission in the campaign – but it feels underwhelming.

I wouldn’t say this is an essential purchase for the casual ME3 fan. If you’re a fan of the history and lore, then yes, it’s a must, and I know hardcore fans will buy it regardless, but if you’ve got a spare 800MS points hanging around and you want to take a quick plunge back into the war against the Reapers, then you won’t go far wrong.


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