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Wales is a long drive

On Sunday, myself and Hibiscus drove to Wales to see the Cantina’s own Mr Crypt on his Slam Comics table at Wales Comic Con. Due to me not planning ahead (and completely forgetting WCC was this month) we couldn’t afford a hotel for the night, so I in my naive bravado proclaimed “No problem. We’ll just drive there, do the con, and drive back”.

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Doctor Who & the Mystery of the Disappearing Bank Balance

I have had this discussion with our illustrious leader Rooney about the Mystery of the internet and the disappearing bank balance. However, when I saw this I couldn’t resist… Ladies, gentlemen & all other life forms, I give you the Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control!!!!


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The Eternal Quandary of Doctor Who…

Like many people my age, I grew up watching Doctor Who of the 1970s Pertwee/Baker era and beyond, so the new series is a continuation of a long running story.  For many though, they only know the new incarnation that has existed since 2005 and may be engaging with it on face value, without any baggage.  These two statements may, or may not be serious factors in my problem with Doctor Who as it stands now.

If I were to sum up my key issues, they would be narrative, structure, logic, dialogue, originality and characterisation.

However, a key question before I get into all that is, ‘but is this programme even FOR me?’

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