Wales is a long drive

On Sunday, myself and Hibiscus drove to Wales to see the Cantina’s own Mr Crypt on his Slam Comics table at Wales Comic Con. Due to me not planning ahead (and completely forgetting WCC was this month) we couldn’t afford a hotel for the night, so I in my naive bravado proclaimed “No problem. We’ll just drive there, do the con, and drive back”.

Wales is a bloody long way away. After four hours in the car (and two stops at motorway service stations where we confused normals with our Ghostbuster uniforms) we arrived in Wrexham at a university who’s name I can’t even begin to pronounce and thus the convention.

It was a good day, and we met some pretty cool people – in addition to finally meeting Richi’s comic-book partner Ben Cook we also met a couple of other Ghostbusters who were in different costumes – posed for some cool photo’s, and apparently had ourselves snapped by James Cosmo!

Anyway, here are some pictures!

Ben and Richi, trying their best to look intelligent. Or at least human.

Hibiscus looking hot as ever

Me, trying to look noble and heroic. I was doing a monologue as I posed.



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