Carl Must Die…

Carl Must Die...

No more Carl please…

As we’re in the Christmas hiatus, you start to think about where the tv shows you watch have been and where they could go.  Now, I haven’t read any of The Walking Dead comics, so am blissfully unaware of any upcoming plot twists.  I can but hope that one key one is coming though…  Carl must die…

The actor, Chandler Riggs, does a great job of portraying him and I have no complaints about his performance, but the character on the other hand is so annoying as to detract from everything else.  I have wondered how the group haven’t just thrown Carl to the walkers out of annoyance already…

Apparently, some of the new characters introduced just before the hiatus are quite good, so we can only hope they will convince the others to boot Carl firmly into the undead category!


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