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WoW:TM is a Thing again.

Today several sites are reporting that the much-delayed, (sort of) long-awaited World of Warcraft film has a new director and a 2015 release date. It may be news to some of you that it had an old director, but it did. And it pains me to say that the previously attached director was Sam Raimi. It pains me because he was responsible for one of my favourite films ever – Ghostbusters! But alas, Mr Raimi pulled out of WoW:TM (World of Warcraft: The Movie) to concentrate on his Oz film. His loss, though, right?

World of Warcraft logo

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Creepy In Game Moments!

I’ve been playing a lot of Dead Island recently and there are a few bits in the game that really creeps me out which has made me think about various other creepy moments in games, now although my gaming history is fairly limited I had a few ideas on my mind.

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Top Ten Video Game Melee Weapons

It’s taken a while, but at last we have the counterpoint to our earlier post of the Top Ten guns! Here’s the list, made up of suggestions from our Facebook page, other social media (such as our Twitter), yelled at me in the street, and my own personal selections. So without further ado, here’s a list of the greatest things to hurt people with in video games!

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Guest Star of the Month?

Often, when we are watching the myriad shows we follow, you end up spotting the same faces over and over again.  Most of the time this goes in cycles and a few faces will crop up in everything for a time, then they’ll be replaced by a new crop of faces.  So it goes in the Hollywood system.

These people are the guest stars who have the goods.

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