WoW:TM is a Thing again.

Today several sites are reporting that the much-delayed, (sort of) long-awaited World of Warcraft film has a new director and a 2015 release date. It may be news to some of you that it had an old director, but it did. And it pains me to say that the previously attached director was Sam Raimi. It pains me because he was responsible for one of my favourite films ever – Ghostbusters! But alas, Mr Raimi pulled out of WoW:TM (World of Warcraft: The Movie) to concentrate on his Oz film. His loss, though, right?

World of Warcraft logo

So, who has stepped in to fill his shoes? Supposed-gamer and son of musical royalty, Duncan Jones. Mr Jones has previously helmed the critically acclaimed Moon, and Source Code – neither of which I’ve seen. He is being quoted as tweeting the following “So the gauntlet was thrown down ages ago: Can you make a proper MOVIE of a video game. I’ve always said its possible. Got to DO it now! ;.”

I for one hope and pray that he’s right, and a good video game film can be made, because I care deeply about World of Warcraft, and it would be both infuriating and painful to see something bland and “Hollywood” in cinemas across the globe with Warcraft’s name attached to it. Chris Metzen (Blizzard’s Senior Vice President, Story and Franchise Development) is co-producing, so it should at least be accurate to the rather considerable lore the franchise has accrued over the years since its inception.

So I remain optimistic.

However, then I hear that the studio (Legendary) wants Johnny Depp in it. OK, to be fair, there probably isn’t any project they’re involved in that they don’t want Mr Depp in, but I’m struggling to see him as a Warcraft character, and I have a horrible vision of him playing a CG’d Pandaren…. With beads in his hair. *Shudder*


Y’know, I’ve noticed that I don’t have much faith in film-makers these days…

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