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A different take on the Star Wars prequels…

OK, so we all know the prequels… weren’t as good as the original trilogy (even though I really like the clones!). But what if we’re viewing them all wrong? What if they’re not a story showing a hero’s tragic fall from grace, but story shown from the viewpoint of that hero, with his own bias and misunderstandings seamlessly transposed onto the events and people transpiring around him? That’s exactly what a very clever (or very deluded) commenter – abbotabbotsmith -over at Topless Robot suggests…

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Have you noticed of late that Hollywood appears to be dishing out a substantial amount of film re-makes? I personally can’t recall have far back these go; The Italian Job – A good film, but could have donned another title and still have been good, Planet of the Apes, Spider-man, Hulk and Total Recall… Now I’m not by any means slating these re-makes, I thought Total Recall was excellent with Colin Farrell – though he was no ‘Arnie’ but the alterations in the story suited the 21st Century, making that much more believable.

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