Captain your own ship and head out into the black!

Firefly is getting its own game! It was announced Wednesday (17th) At SDCC that developers QMx Iteractive is working with Fox Digital and Sparkplug Games and will be releasing a “social RPG based on Firefly” in 2014. They have a shiny trailer, a website and all.


Firefly online logo The game is apparently multi-user and will initially be available in app format for tablets and mobile devices, with Android (yay!) and iOS mentioned specifically. From the official blurb, you’ll be able to customize your very own ship and crew, take jobs, and compete to keep your crew fed and ship flying against everyone else playing the game. There’ll be space and planet-side missions to complete, and they’re promising “pick-up-and-play” ability with cross-platform access – which I really like the sound of, if it’s done well. I love the idea of playing some missions at home on my PC, then being able to check in and do some more at lunch on my phone or tablet.

Of course, at this early juncture all of this is just promises and big ideas – we’ve yet to see anything solid from them, but I’m excited by what they’re proposing, and am signing up for early-access!  Also it’s important to note that despite what some bloggers and news sites are saying, this is not an MMO. It’s a social RPG. We’ve seen no evidence nor heard any claims from the developers that this will be a full MMO. More like a Farmville style social game. It could change over time, but it’s not being hailed as an MMO right now…

Check out the details and sign up for a free account over at their website.

PS: Interesting fact: QMXi are part of the same group as Quantum Mechanix – the guys that make the awesome Firefly posters and replicas!

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