The “All You Need Is Kill” movie is no longer called that. It’s now “Edge of Tomorrow”.

As the title says, the movie has had it’s name changed. I could gripe about this, but I won’t, because it’s new title is actually pretty cool, and does read slightly smoother for us Westerners than the original.

It also has a trailer, included after the jump. Also included after the jump is me griping about stuff related to this trailer…

Ok, got that? Good, because here goes…

As I’ve said before, I don’t like the exo-armour. The Jackets, as they’re called. In the book they’re fully enclosed combat suits, with layers of armour protecting the fragile human pilot inside. The film has opted for these very open, exposed exo-skeleton suits. Of course, we all know it’s so that we can see the protagonists faces, and not just a blank slab of armour plating, but exo-skeletons like these always strike me as stupid – you’re sending your troops into a battle against powerful alien invaders, fighting for the very fate of the human race, and you leave them wide open. Honestly, from first appearances one well placed handgun shot would take out good ol’ alien-worshipping Tom. Right in that obnoxious grin of his, since the helmets aren’t even full-face. (on a side note, does Tom have any conflict of interests here? With him being a saucer-loving Scientologist, I’d have thought fighting aliens would be the last thing he’d want to do…)

Then there’s all those shots of him and Emily Blunt (who I assume is playing Rita Vrataski) driving through London, having lots of deep and meaningful chats and watching sunrises together. This says to me that certain liberties have been taken with the story. Such as a needless romantic sub-plot. This was one of the things I feared when this film was announced. This is a film about mecha fighting aliens. Not about love in a war-torn world. Mecha. Aliens. Fighting.

There’s a tonne of stuff that I moaned about previously, so I won’t go back into that.  Suffice to say that I am now even more pessimistic about this film, as every new detail about it seems to confirm more and more that this is “Tom Cruise Saving the World and Getting the Girl with Some Other Stuff That Happens.”

Also, that song in the trailer is dreadful.

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