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The “All You Need Is Kill” movie is no longer called that. It’s now “Edge of Tomorrow”.

As the title says, the movie has had it’s name changed. I could gripe about this, but I won’t, because it’s new title is actually pretty cool, and does read slightly smoother for us Westerners than the original.

It also has a trailer, included after the jump. Also included after the jump is me griping about stuff related to this trailer…

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I don’t know why I like it…

But this song is beautiful and I could listen to it on repeat. It’s from the anime Paprika and the film is crazy, but also very good. The song is called A Drop Filled With Memories.

Some festive musicality from Area 11

Not only do these chaps make music that sounds like anime theme tunes, but they’ve taken some time out to make a festive tune. About Minecraft!

And all the money made from purchasing the track goes to charity. Aren’t they just peachy?

Ray Parker Jr…. on floppy disk drives.

Everyone knows (or should do) that I’m a Ghostbusters fan. So this made my day.

It warms my cockles to see old hardware being put to good use!

I want this so much it hurts.

It’s a mech. It’s a mech you can sit in and pilot. It’s a mech you can sit in and pilot that comes with a (water) rocket launcher and twin (BB) gatling guns. Oh, and when you smile it shoots stuff. What the Hell is there not to like?

It’s built by Suidobashi Heavy Industries, a group of mech enthusiasts (and fething genius’) in Japan, and was unveiled at Wonder Festival in Tokyo last weekend. It’s not going to be winning any Gundam Fights, but seriously, YOU CAN GET INSIDE AND PILOT IT!

I want to get one and give it a custom paint job, then use it to drive to and from work during the week, and to fight other Kuratas units at the weekend. But at $1.3 million (that’s about £827000 in real money) I probably won’t have too many opponents…

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