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The Story of Evil

The planet’s second sun had finally set, and the Citadel glistened amber from the burnt orange night sky. The snow-capped mountains silhouetted the cloudy landscape and silver leafed trees rustled softly in the cool breeze as the novice was lead out to the wastelands, oblivious to the surrounding beauty. He was but a child, barely 8 years old, but of an age to test his suitability for the Academy…

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We have a birthday!

Happy Birthday to our very own badwolf187!!!

All the best from The Cantina Crowd xxx


Have you noticed of late that Hollywood appears to be dishing out a substantial amount of film re-makes? I personally can’t recall have far back these go; The Italian Job – A good film, but could have donned another title and still have been good, Planet of the Apes, Spider-man, Hulk and Total Recall… Now I’m not by any means slating these re-makes, I thought Total Recall was excellent with Colin Farrell – though he was no ‘Arnie’ but the alterations in the story suited the 21st Century, making that much more believable.

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Doctor Who & the Mystery of the Disappearing Bank Balance

I have had this discussion with our illustrious leader Rooney about the Mystery of the internet and the disappearing bank balance. However, when I saw this I couldn’t resist… Ladies, gentlemen & all other life forms, I give you the Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control!!!!


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The Truth is Out There…. Or Is It?

This post is a review of the Novel:

James Smith’s world is dominated by messages. His entire existence is governed by deciphering clues, in words, numbers, syllables & people’s actions. Piecing together signs that will eventually lead him to the Plan… this not only costs him his girlfriend, who has practically left him, but also his job, something that is only hindering his goal.

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