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Coolest Starships….

Since most of the things I’ve been watching/reading lately (Martian Successor Nadesico, The Ultramarines Omnibus, Star Wars) have some pretty nifty starships in them, I’m in a bit a space naval mood, so I’ve decided to try and narrow down a list of ten of the coolest starships/spaceships ever. However, since I don’t want it to be just a list of ships that I think are cool, I’m asking everyone else to make suggestions too – contributors and writers alike!

So, let us know which ships you think are the coolest, and if possible give us some reasons (since I don’t know about every cool ship ever created!). They can be from any media, any genre, and any time period – the only proviso is they must be in space! So no aeroplanes or blimps unless you can prove they’ve been out into the great beyond….

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