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MCM Expo

I attended my first MCM Expo yesterday with Rooney and our friend Darren. Rooney and I were in our Essex Ghostbuster gear while Darren was doing his Hunter from Left 4 Dead costume. It was such a hot day so I’m glad my costume is a dress (until I find a small enough flight suit). So even with the belt and proton pack it still wasn’t too bad.

It was mostly what I expected it to be and I got to see the stalls that I wanted to see and bought a few bits and bobs and posed for some photos but all in all it wasn’t amazing. It was a nice day and it was nice to see Michael who we met at Kitacon, he was wearing his Star Trek costume. We also saw a few other people from Harlow who had turned up to do a bit of shopping.

My only complaint really is that there didn’t seem to be enough bits to say where things were and who was appearing. I kind of stumbled across one of the magazines with the rota in (mainly because I was diving out of the way of some excited people rushing past) and found two print outs of the rota on the wall. But other than that it was good and there was a steady flow of people so there wasn’t too many points where we got stuck. Some of the costumes where incredible as well, I love seeing everyone elses creations and props.

The boys went back today in their Assasin Creed costumes but I decided not to go, I saw everything I wanted to see yesterday. It would be different if I had more costumes but until then I’ve only got my Ghostbusters uniform.

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