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24 Hour Gaming Marathon

FA10upjVSo this bank holiday weekend Rooney and myself are doing a 24 hour gaming marathon on XBox One to raise money for Meningitis Now which is an incredible charity. Rooney will be doing his 24 hours on Friday through to Saturday and I’ll be doing mine on Sunday through to Monday.

At present the timetable is:

Rooney – 12pm on Friday 25th March (finishing 12pm Saturday 26th). Playing Elder Scrolls Online, Halo 5, SW: Battlefront.

Hibiscus – 9am Sunday 27th March (finishing 9am Monday 28th). Playing Witcher 3, SW: Battlefront, Elder Scrolls Online.

Please check out the link for more information and also feel free to donate and/or share the link. We will be sharing updates on Facebook and Twitter and will do a post on here after on how it went and so on. Any money raised will make a huge difference.


Thoughts on PUG in MMO’s

Long time no post! I’ve been lost in the wilderness outside of the Cantina for a while now, caught up in the winds of work and fatherhood, but something has drawn me back, something has prompted me to sit still long enough to write some words here. And that something is Destiny.


Don’t worry, this won’t be another addition to the Internet’s slew of reviews, praises, or criticisms of the game – I’m saving that for another post – this is just some observations on the raids/strikes, and their counterparts in other MMO’s.

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Good men, I call to thee

I’ve just read blog post shared by my friend Zero Drift, a post originally made by Ernest W. Adams (A Call To Arms for Decent Men), and it’s hit something of a nerve. And not in a bad way, even though I don’t agree with his stance on online anonymity. So I’ve decided to take the advice therein and write my own post against internet biggotry (check out the blog here).

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Goodbye Inside Xbox

So, it was announced yesterday that Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to shut down Inside Xbox Europe, after doing the same thing to its US counterpart last week.

For those of you not aware, Inside Xbox is a part of the Xbox team that develops first party content for those of us paying an Xbox Live subscription fee. Things like the informative SentUAMessage will no longer be made as Microsoft “continue to strive to deliver the latest gaming and entertainment news for users across the region“. What this means is that there’ll be no more in-house productions. Instead all their content will be made by third parties. Most likely those with a new game coming out that they’re looking to promote.

This has prompted many subscribers to ask “What are we paying our subscription fee for?”, as they are annoyed at the fee remaining the same when popular content is effectively being removed

It also means that the two awesome chaps Dan Maher (MrPointyHead) and Andy Farrant (Farrantula) are out of the job, so that Microsoft can save a few quid and cram in more annoying adverts on our Xbox dashboards.

This has annoyed me, and my thoughts go out to the Inside Xbox teams – both here and in the states. All of the Crowd here wish you the best of luck

More details over at EuroGamer.

How to ruin your relationship with your gaming partner…Or not.

It’s a common misconception in much of the media at large that gaming is a horrific vice in which your partner or spouse can become ensnared within, wasting hours and hours of their time trapped in the clutches of a terrible gaming addiction.

Lately I’ve seen increasingly silly articles giving advice on how to steal back your other half, and quite frankly these articles are more damaging to the relationships they intend to save then any gaming binge ever was.

First off, if your partner is spending every waking moment playing a game, losing their job, friends, and estranging their family members due to excessive gaming, there is a larger problem at the root of this behavior. I would say they are escaping something. But I’m no shrink.

It’s always struck me a little hypocritical growing up that my parents would spend hours and hours watching TV, but then scream at me for playing more then a few hours of Nintendo. In essence it’s the same thing, if anything, gaming is a lot more engrossing then any TV show or book can ever be, and it’s a lot more fun!  Treat your partner with the same graces you would expect to be treated if you were watching TV or reading a book. Most games, especially a lot of online multiplayer games are incredibly complicated affairs that require lots of concentration and quick thinking. So if you come in, plonk your keys on the side, and turn the stereo on, you can expect a frustrated sigh or two. Also, trying to engage them in conversation is futile; you will get only sharp remarks in return, especially if they are using voice-coms while playing. My girlfriend regularly likes to blow dry her hair about six feet away from where I am playing MW3, of course this is not only incredibly loud for me, but everybody on my team is instantly deafened and their game is thrown off. It’s incredibly rude and inconsiderate, but it’s not exactly a relationship breaker. Please remember, we are trying to concentrate.

Another common bit of advice given in these articles is to parade sexually around the room and especially in front of the TV on which they are playing. Don’t do this. You will either be ignored, or have something thrown at you.

If I’m just about to get my MOAB on and some bitch in her panties starts wandering in front of the screen: I will first scream, and then proceed to throw my large collection of empty bottles at them. This is not a cool thing to do at all. ALSO, if you are so threatened by gaming that you feel you have to lure your partner away from it with sexual favors, what does that say about your relationship and the role you play in it?

Perhaps your partner just wants some time to relax on his or her own, or with their friends online? Myself, and most men I know, only really communicate with each other via Xbox Live. Gaming is not the solitary experience it once was many moons ago. Trying to distract your partner while they experience it is certainly not going to place you very highly in their social hierarchy.

In some extreme cases, I have seen people encourage the sabotage or destruction of games, consoles, and computers. DO NOT EVER DO THIS. For one, consoles and gaming rigs are damn expensive. The last thing your partner will ever want to do is spend time with you, or even continue a relationship with you after this. The only thing this is going to do for you, is to show you as the immature, attention seeking prick that you really are.

My advice to anybody feeling the cold shoulder of a gaming spouse is this: Get a hobby. Your partner obviously has one that’s pretty fulfilling; perhaps you should take a leaf out of their book and get your own one. Or better yet, attempt to play games WITH your partner. MW3, L4D and many others now have split screen multiplayer, express an interest in what they are doing and I guarantee you will get more attention then any of the tips these toxic articles give. And who knows, you may enjoy yourself!

Lots of love, RichiCrypt.

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