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I am a massive movie fan and will watch anything even if it looks like it might be terrible, for example I saw a trailer the other day for Gregg Araki’s film Kaboom and thought that it’ll either be brilliant or awful so I gave it a go. When I think a film might go either way it normally turns out to be terrible and this was no exception.

It’s description is “A sci-fi story centered on the sexual awakening of a group of college students” but I would sum it up as a film with two very different halves, the first half being a story about a bisexual college student who knows a lot of homosexual people and the second half being about a murderous cult.

The quality of film seems to vary a lot as well, some parts are filmed beautifully with very bold colours and dreamlike lighting effects and then other areas have awful editing effects.

To sum up the film briefly for those who don’t mind a few spoilers (not that any of you will probably want to watch it). A very attractive bisexual student fantasizes about his male room-mate and then goes and hangs around with his lesbian best friend who shacks up with a lesbian witch while the bisexual best friend has sex with Drippy from Wild Child who turns out to be half-sister of the bisexual whose Father is a cult leader who kills, well, everyone who isn’t in the cult.

It could have been a really good story if it had been more thought out and also if the ending wasn’t so ridiculous and rushed… basically (another spoiler) just as things start unfolding the cult leader blows up the world (explaining the name Kaboom) and the film ends.

Will I watch it again… definitely not. Would I recommend it to anyone… definitely not.

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