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Review: Mass Effect 3, Leviathan DLC

Last night I finished the Leviathan DLC and I really enjoyed it, although I’m not entirely sure it was worth the 800MS points I paid for it. I’ll attempt to review it here without leaking any spoilers!

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Playing the new Mass Effect 3 DLC “Leviathan”

Later this week (once I complete it) I’ll be reviewing the Leviathan DLC for BioWare’s epic Mass Effect 3, but in the meantime, here’s a post to help other players like me, who are (uselessly) trying to play the DLC!

Load your last saved game (as long as it’s not the save before the last mission “The Return”), board the Normandy, and check your messages. You’ll have one there from good ol’ Admiral Hackett regarding a Dr. Bryson. Go to your Galaxy Map, and voilà! You can start the hunt for the mysterious Leviathan.


Game will not be stocking Mass Effect 3!

So it appears that due to trouble with cash flow and what Game feels are unreasonable/infeasible credits agreements, they won’t be stocking any of EA’s March releases, including the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3. This does not bode well for the company (who also own Gamestation, the UK’s only other dedicated games retailer), nor for all those eager fans that pre-ordered ME3 through one of the stores. It’s unclear as yet whether this will also affect Gamestation, but it seems highly likely.

Game are offering £5 of reward card/Elite points in addition to a full refund to anyone that’s placed a pre-order with them (redeemable in-store 1st-9th March), and apparently Play.com have plenty of the N7 special editions of the game available for pre-order (well, I suppose all that stock ear-marked for Game had to go somewhere…).

Check out more details over at IGN

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