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Some festive musicality from Area 11

Not only do these chaps make music that sounds like anime theme tunes, but they’ve taken some time out to make a festive tune. About Minecraft!

And all the money made from purchasing the track goes to charity. Aren’t they just peachy?

Lego makes…. more bricks!

Now, even when torn away from your PC by circumstances beyond your control (significant other, power cut, freak laptop-stealing hummingbird attack) you can continue to immerse yourself in a low-res world of blocks! Lego have released their Minecraft set, designed with the help of four actual Lego fans apparently.

The set’s modular, and splits into four separate parts, all of which contain hidden underground resources and their own little selection of above ground stuff, like trees and a crafting table.

As you can also see (in the top picture) it contains what Lego are terming “Micro Mobs”, namely Steve (the player character from the game) and a Creeper. I really hope they make the Creeper available on it’s own, because I want one on my desk!

Whilst I love Minecraft, and I think the two little “Micro Mobs” are pretty cool, the actual set isn’t really doing it for me. I don’t know why. When I first saw this was going to be a real thing, I was excited. Then I saw them and… meh. Might look pretty cool on a shelf somewhere, but I can’t see me rushing out to get it. Then again, I have something of a love/hate relationship with Lego, so tomorrow I may indeed be rushing out to buy one!

Check out Brothers Brick to see the full press release.

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