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Awesome Japanese Cyber Attack Thing!

As the title so…. bluntly puts it, this is NICT’s Daedalus system, which monitors networks at organisations for cyber attacks, be they viruses, malware, or whatever other nasty tricks the hackers come up with. This in itself is pretty damned cool, but then you see the 3D interface they’ve given it, and it wouldn’t look out of place on Home One or S.H.I.E.L.D’s Helicarrier!

And here we have a very nice chap explaining a little bit more about the system and how it works.

Having something like this would make monitoring the network at work so much more interesting! Plus, when people came to pester me in my office and saw that monster running on a massive flat-screen TV, they’d be suitably in awe of me.

Check out EnGadget.com for the original story.

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