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Level up! Lev…level up!

When 50 Cent released his song ‘Like A G6’ my initial reaction was ‘What the hell is a G6?’ followed by ‘What the hell is this terrible song?’ and then followed by ‘Nothing good can come of this song.’ but on that note I was wrong because one of the best music parodys came from it in the form of ‘Roll A D6’ by Far East Movement.

The lyrics for D6 are incredible especcially compared to G6, heres a little comparison.

‘She aint drunk, she acting like she drunk
so I can do what I want
I’m touching her where I want
from behind and up front
she’s a freak I’m a freak
funny how we just meet
right here out on the floor
give me more, give me more’

Come on 50 Cent, you make money doing this! I could write lyrics like that.
Instead of sharing just the lyrics I was do one better and share the video, it’s my favourite Youtube video at the moment, it’s incredible.

The Guild

One of the many things I enjoy watching is The Guild, it is a fantastic web series written by Felicia Day who plays the main character Codex. It’s about a group of online gamers who are all part of the same guild. It’s funny and also very addictive. I’d recommend it to anyone who plays World of Warcraft or knows someone who does, it’s brilliant.

Here is the first episode just to get you started.

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